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MitImpact is a collection of pre-computed pathogenicity predictions for all nucleotide changes that cause non-synonymous substitutions in human mitochondrial protein coding genes

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[01-02-2020] MitImpact 3D 3.0.2 released today! Molecular dynamics are now added for selected mutations. A list is available here.

[23-10-2019] MitImpact 3D 3.0.1 released today! It includes a small re-organization of the output fields (the three EV_mutation fields have become one, some other fields have been removed because outdated or redundant), and the possibility to annotate a VCF file.

[08-06-2019] MitImpact 3D released today! It features a revamped results page with more info and visualizations available for each query, and the addition of Compensated Pathogenic Deviations (CPD), ΔΔG energy changes, InterP and IntraP covariation analysis, EV Mutation score.

[22-06-2017] PLoS Comput Biol. publishes our paper entitled: High-confidence assessment of functional impact of human mitochondrial non-synonymous genome variations by APOGEE. [link]

[20-04-2016] Methods Mol Biol. publishes our chapter entitled: A Broad Overview of Computational Methods for Predicting the Pathophysiological Effects of Non-synonymous Variants. [link]

[07-07-2015] A public Trello board for bugs and new features tracking is available here