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MitImpact is a collection of genomic, clinical and functional annotations for all nucleotide changes that cause non-synonymous substitutions in human mitochondrial protein coding genes

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Latest update

[19-10-2021] MitImpact 3D 3.0.7 released today, with minor fixes to the search engine and some updates to ClinVar (October 2021), dbSNP (ver. 155), gnomAD (ver. 3.1), and MITOMAP (October update). Let's check the output legend.

[09-12-2020] Nucleic Acids Research just published our paper entitled MitImpact 3: modeling the residue interaction network of the Respiratory Chain subunits [link]

[08-10-2020] MitImpact 3D 3.0.6 released today, with minor fixes to the flat file database version, tooltips that help interpret scores in the result page, and 4 tutorial-like case studies which simulate typical uses of MitImpact.

[03-09-2020] As for our users requests, we have added the possibility to directly search for a variant and then show up its information in the first tab of the result page. We have also provided this function through a restful api, as explained in the Description page. Let's try it typing http://mitimpact.css-mendel.it/search_allele/6253/T>A or http://mitimpact.css-mendel.it/search_allele/6253/T>C in your browser.