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MitImpact is a collection of genomic, clinical and functional annotations for all nucleotide changes that cause non-synonymous substitutions in human mitochondrial protein coding genes

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Latest update

[09-12-2020] Nucleic Acids Research just published our paper entitled MitImpact 3: modeling the residue interaction network of the Respiratory Chain subunits [link]

[08-10-2020] MitImpact 3D 3.0.6 released today, with minor fixes to the flat file database version, tooltips that help interpret scores in the result page, and 4 tutorial-like case studies which simulate typical uses of MitImpact.

[03-09-2020] As for our users requests, we have added the possibility to directly search for a variant and then show up its information in the first tab of the result page. We have also provided this function through a restful api, as explained in the Description page. Let's try it typing http://mitimpact.css-mendel.it/search_allele/6253/T>A or http://mitimpact.css-mendel.it/search_allele/6253/T>C in your browser.

[22-06-2017] PLoS Comput Biol. publishes our paper entitled: High-confidence assessment of functional impact of human mitochondrial non-synonymous genome variations by APOGEE. [link]